Crested Butte 100 - CB Classic

1 October 2011

Elephantine Cross Country Returns

100 miles of pure Colorado singletrack (okay there is some dirt road in there too). The leaves are turning. A must do.

No entry fee, no course markings, no rest for the wicked. 7 AM start at the 4-Way Stop in Crested Butte (at the Crested Butte Visitors Center at HWY 135 and Elk Avenue).

GPS route at Crank Collective

Article with video from Mountain Flyer magazine

Should this be listed as a race?

The course will be decided closer to the event date, but will most likely take on the original course - loop 1 - Strand/Deer Creek - loop 2 - 403/401 - and loop 3 - the Dyke Trail. Check out for courses over the last few years. This is going to be a SWEET, sweet party. The Brick Oven will be happening with madness all around - bring your party get-up! Many thanks again to the Brick for stationing HQ - don't forget to tip your lovely waitress!


Crested Butte, CO
United States
38° 52' 10.974" N, 106° 59' 16.1628" W
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