San Jacinto Enduro

29 October 2011

Expect a long day in the saddle, with two route options. The full course length & profile is approximately 78 miles with a huge amount of climbing, broken down over two separate loops. Time will be tabulated for the 45 mile first loop & the full 78 mile route. Printable maps & turn-by-turn cue sheets will be available to all riders.


- we love riding our mountain, and we’d like to introduce other experienced riders to it.

- grassroots racing/touring is fun.

- we like to bring new faces to our town.

Philosophy, what’s different?

“Pay” races are a great way to bring lots of people together for fun times on two wheels, but permitting & land managers can restrict the venue, make the ride cost prohibitive, etc. By hosting a small, free, no award/no entry timed ride, we seek to bring the grassroots enduro experience to our mountain- with full access to public lands, and even some private property with permission.

The SJ Enduro aims to provide a backcountry experience for experienced mountain bikers. We are providing a route, suggested start time, and tabulation of results. You are completely on your own, just as you would be if you chose to ride the route on any other day.

The SJ Enduro has two route options. Time will be tabulated for both the 45 mile first loop, and the full 78 mile complete route.This is the two-wheeled equivalent to a Choose Your Own Adventure novel.

It will be VERY tough, riding on rugged terrain with mileage and route options to hone your enduro experience.

how to do it?

We will provide printable maps & cue sheets with turn-by-turn instructions. Basic map-and-compass skills will be required. Importantly, a healthy respect and comfort level for being on your own, in the wilderness in harsh conditions is required. Expect no assistance in any way. We will be following rules similar to those of other self supported events.


Is it hard?
Yes. It’s a very hard ride. It’s compared to the Julian Death March and Vision Quest in terms of difficulty.

Do you cap the field? How come?
Yes, we have been capping the field at 40 riders. That’s a reasonable number to garner a tough, solid field and still be well within legal limits to host the event without a permit. It’s free, ya know… we want to keep it that way. Phantom riders will be tarred & feathered.

Where do I get food and water?
You will be required to carry it or get it from public or natural sources along the route. There are no aid stations. Public and natural sources will be annotated in the cue sheets.

Will the route marked?
No. You will need to use your cues and maps to navigate the route.

Who else will be on the route?
Other riders, hikers, horseback riders, hunters, automobiles… expect every sort of trail and road user. We had a number of hunters on route in ’09, and traffic on the course in ’10.

Can I camp?
Yes. We will have a limited amount of camping onsite, and there is abundant camping with facilities at Hurkey Creek Campground and Lake Hemet Campground. B&B’s are available in Idyllwild

Can my friend come too?
If he/she is on the Start List, yes! If not, hopefully we’ll see your friend next year… We must keep our group sub-45 riders.


United States
33° 44' 44.7756" N, 116° 42' 43.0524" W
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